Powder Coaters Birmingham, West Midlands

Powder Coatings Ltd have been Powder Coating components for local & national companies for over 45 years.

What are the key features that have enabled us hold on to our position as one of the West Midlands premier powder coating companies?

Quality Powder Coating

We have always produced quality work. Components are coated to the correct specification all of the time. Coating parts to a standard that satisfies the customer is the most important part of our Company Policy.


We keep our promises regarding delivery and turnaround of work. If we quote a turnaround time of 3 days then we stick to that. You will never have to chase us. Your parts will be ready as per the delivery promise that was agreed. Added to this is a friendly and prompt response to any queries that you may have.


We are an efficient business, ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ That is our motto. Our 15,000 square foot factory is well organised and tidy at all times.  No work is processed until a dedicated Route Card is produced that gives our trained works staff detailed instruction on the processes to be followed for each and every batch of work we produce.


The layout of our factory allows us to coat small batches of work just as efficiently and quickly as larger batches. We have three production lines, one for small batches, one for medium batches and a larger online conveyorised facility. We don’t mind if a batch of work is small or large. Everyone gets the same prompt & courteous service.


Finally we are reliable. We don’t do one batch of work properly and the next one not to the same standard. We keep going producing high quality work time after time batch after batch.

For a speedy response to any coating enquiries or to have any questions answered regarding Powder Coating please contact me directly on roger@powder-coatings.co.uk or phone or text my mobile anytime on 07880 733590. I’m also on WhatsApp!

Roger Murphy,

Managing Director