Powder Coating Services

There is more to Powder Coating than just applying the powder & putting the parts in an oven.

The most important issue is Pre-treatment, if the surface is not free of grease, oils, rust or scale then a quality finish is impossible to achieve.

All components we process are firstly Vapour Degreased. This process has proven over many years to be the most efficient way to remove grease & oils and prepare the surface for coating.

A further option to improve the quality of preparation is to Pre-Treat parts.

Steel parts can be Zinc Phosphated and Aluminium or Zinc parts Chromated, this process converts a few microns of the surface into a dense crystalline structure that helps with corrosion resistance and creep.

If parts are rusty or scaly we recommend shot blasting to clean the surface prior to coating, we use G10 chilled iron to remove rust or mill scale so that the surface is fully clean & prepared.


  1. Online Conveyorised Production Line.
  2. Offline Batch Production Lines.
  3. Vapour Degreasing.
  4. Immersion Zinc Phosphate Pre-Treatment Line.
  5. Immersion Aluminium Chromate Pre- Treatment Line.
  6. Shotblasting Cabinet.


15,000 square feet premises located on the A38 adjacent to M6 Junction 6.

Plenty of Parking.

Two Loading Bays.

Stacker Truck loading & unloading