Polyester Powder & Types of Powder

There are three main varieties of powder available.They are based on two resin types; either Epoxy ( harder and tougher ) or Polyester ( good weatherabilty ) and a blend of the two called Epoxy/Polyester.

We can provide advice on which powder is suitable for your products.   

Polyester powders: have excellent durability and a high resistance to yellowing under ultra-violet light. Polyester powder coatings are designed for external use as they have very good colour and gloss retention in outdoor situations & where Ultra Violet stability and weather resistance is needed.

Epoxy Powders provide a hard, impact resistant coating generally used for interior parts. Epoxy coatings give very good corrosion & impact resistance as well as good adhesion. Unfortunately they are not suitable for external use and will form a chalk like appearance on the surface after lengthy exposure to sunlight.

Epoxy polyester powders: are a blend of the two resin types They have properties similar to those of epoxy powders, with improved weatherability. Epoxy Polyester powders are the best choice for all round performance and the most popular powders in use today.