Powder Coating Prices

We provide a fast response to all enquiries regarding Powder Coating Prices. Please read the text below, it will provide you with invaluable advice and help so that you to get more accurate prices. There are many issues that affect the price of parts that need Powder Coating. All parts have what we call a ‘degree of difficulty’.

The following factors affect Powder Coating prices;

The weight of the item to be coated, heavier items need more time in the oven so that the Powder Coating is properly cured and hardens properly. Also a lot of fabricated parts can be made up of different thickness of materials, it is not unusual to see parts that are made of 4mm, 6mm and 10mm material. In these cases it is important to remember that the curing time needs to match the thicker material. It is a common fault amongst Powder Coaters that they fail to take account of the differing thicknesses with the result that the thicker materials do not get cured correctly and can cause the Powder Coated surface to chip and flake off.

Does the part have sufficient holes in so that it can be hung up to Powder Coat. All parts have to be hung on hooks or jigs so that the powder can be applied. Also if the items are longer than say 2 metres the holes need to be at each end of the part (or equidistant from the centre of the part) so that they can be hung horizontally.

The material the parts are made of. Are they Steel or Aluminium? Is the steel hot rolled or cold rolled material. Hot rolled material is as the name describes rolled or formed in the steel mill while hot, when the parts cool a scale remains on the surface that depending on the coating specification required may need removing by shot blasting. Also hot rolled material can have rust as well as scale on the surface and if rusty it should always be shot blasted before coating.

Never allow a Coater to powder coat on top of rusty material.

Aluminium parts invariably need a pre-treatment as the oxide film on aluminium can affect the adhesion of the powder coated film. Recommended pre-treatments for aluminium are Chromating, Flash Hard Anodising or Chemical Etching.

What is the customers specification? This has a marked effect on Powder Coating prices. Sometimes this is easy as it is marked on the drawing. For instance JCB Class B or a JLR Spec or words that describe the spec such as Degrease and Powder Coat in Semi-Gloss Black RAL 9005. Other times specs can be a bit obscure. As a minimum the drawing should state the Colour (RAL or BS) The Gloss Level and the thickness range e.g. 60-80 microns (+ or – 5%). It is important to remember that the specification should be set by the customer. The issue should not be fudged whereby the Coater has to ‘best guess’ the spec. If the parts are being used outside then they will need some sort of pre-treatment, a Zinc Rich Primer undercoat or a Phosphate pre-Treatment

How many parts will be in a batch? Your Powder Coating Prices If the total quantity required is say 1000 but they will only be produced in 100 batches then this needs to be stated at the quoting stage. If a Coater quotes for a 1000 parts but only receives 100 then be prepared for a price hike!

Are there any special requirements? or instance are there areas where no powder coating is required. If so a drawing showing where powder is not required should be provided at the quoting stage. Do the parts need packaging in a special way to avoid transit damage? Do you require transport or is an ex works price okay? All these factors affect Powder Coating Prices.

To speed up the quoting process it helps if you can provide as much information as possible about the parts to be coated.

Please provide as many as possible of the following list of items;

  • A dimensioned sketch or drawing showing the length, width and height of each part.
  • A photograph of the parts.
  • Any special requirements such as masking required to holes or threads.
  • Any pre-treatment requirements.
  • The colour required; RAL, BS or NCS.
  • The Gloss Level; Matt, Semi-Gloss or Gloss.
  • The finish: Smooth, Textured or Leatherette.
  • Indicate if there is a customer specification in place.
  • The quantity of parts per batch.

Please email this across to roger@powder-coatings.co.uk for advice on Powder Coating Prices and an immediate response.