Motor Cycles

Powder Coatings Limited have been re-finishing motor cycle parts for over 40 years.

We are situated at the heart of the motorway network only 400 yards from Junction 6 of the M6 (click here for map).

The Process

All motor cycle frames and parts are degreased, then shotblasted to remove all the old paint finish and any rust or other foreign matter.

Immediately after shotblasting all parts are sprayed with a two pack zinc chromate etch primer.  This seals the freshly shotblasted surface and provides a further barrier against corrosion.

All components are then rubbed down by hand to de-nib the surface and ensure  they are smooth.

The parts are then powder coated by hand, applying a coat of polyester (external quality) powder prior to curing in an oven at 180°C minimum for between 25 and 40 minutes depending upon the thickness of the material being coated.  After curing the parts are allowed to cool and then 100% inspected prior to packing / labelling.

Self Preparation Needed Prior to Coating

Remove any surplus grease or oil from the frame or inside the headstock or swinging arm.  Any bearing surfaces such as headstock area, swinging arm bushes or wheel bearing need to be masked to prevent the shotblasting process roughening them.  This can be achieved with two large discs of metal or washers and a length of allthread. All bearings need to be removed from wheels and swinging arms.

Mask all external threads with 6 turns of masking tape Blank off internal threads using old bolts.  Ensure that the swinging arm, centre stand, side frame and headstock are detached from the frame.

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday
7.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
7.00 a.m. – midday

Closed all Bank Holidays

Phone: 0121 250 2170
Fax: 0121 250 2154


We do not accept motor cycle enquiries on our main switch board line.

Please call our motor cycle info line on 0121 250 2170 or email us at

Parts can be sent by courier and are returned within 10 days.

Our address is:
Powder Coatings Limited
215 Tyburn Road
B24 8NB